***Why should I have regular pool or spa maintenance? 

Pools and spas require regular maintenance to be kept in a pristine and healthy environment and to be enjoyed safely. 

***How living in Arizona differs from other parts of the country and why this affects maintenance here. 

Unlike other areas of the country where swimming seasons are shorter and pools are closed for the winter, pools in The Valley of the Sun are kept open all year round.

With our high temperatures, the use of chemicals will rise and maintenance is extremely important.  During our monsoon seasons, dust and particulates will put an extra demand on servicing your pool.  A professional pool tech is prepared to meet these challenges and keep your pool water balanced. 
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***Salt vs. chlorine sanitizing.

Chlorine sanitizing by use of chlorine tabs has been the predominant means of sanitizing pools.  In the past 15 - 20 years, we are seeing more people turning to salt systems which simply pulls the chlorine out of the salt and suspends it in the water.  The main benefit from this type of system is that it is easier on your skin and eyes.  Some people are more sensitive to chlorine than others.  However, both systems fulfill the requirements for sanitizing purposes.

***Why is acid or liquid chlorine added to pool water in addition to chlorine tabs?

Acid is used to lower the pH of the water and liquid chlorine is used to immediately raise the chlorine level.

***Why does pool water turn green?

Pool water will turn green due to the lack of circulation, inadequate chlorine levels, high phosphate levels and/or the introduction of algae into your system usually caused by the wind.

***How the hard water in Arizona affects your pool, spa or water feature.

The very hard water in the valley directly affects the tile lines in pools and spas which creates white calcium residues. 

Each year we tend to lose approximately 10' of water from the pool.  The calcium will not evaporate but will build up and cause the water to increase in hardness.

***When should I drain and refill my pool?

Due to the hardness of our water, it is advisable to drain and refill your pool every two to three years.  A calcium line will most likely be evident and can be cleaned professionally at the same time the water is changed. 

***How to clean calcium deposits on pool or spa tiles. 

The water line around the pool or spa can be cleaned with a pumice stone and scraper by hand or the line can be professionally removed by glass beading.